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I can only imagine how much work went into this. This Russian website is dedicated to telling the Soviet story of WWII. The amount of content in here is unbelievable. The way they blend archival footage with modern oral histories is fantastic. I tend to be a more visual learner and really appreciate the animations on the map showing the progress of the war.

This video does a great job of presenting a complex concept, (the explosion of diverse life on earth) in a simple yet dramatic way. The challenge of introducing this topic is that the time scale is in the billions of years, a number that is astonishingly hard to appreciate. The strength of this video is in the way the quiet beginning of earth (4.6 billion years ago) is contrasted to the flurry of activity of the relatively recent (500 million years ago)

While videos like this barely scratch the surface of the topic I think they do an excellent job of conveying the overarching theme. In this case a lot of stuff happened quickly after a very, very long period of quiet.

I imagine that there are many library or information concepts that could benefit from this approach; not necessarily this format but the idea of coming up with creative succinct ways to introduce the meat of the idea.

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