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This video by a UK publishing firm is great! Replace "publishing" with "library" and it sounds awfully familiar to some of the conversations I've heard and had around the libraries. I love the way they literally flip the script, showing that these positions are all about perspective, and don't have to be true. 

The key point for me is when they say "What's important for you is that you're actually listening to us." 

That statement drives home for me the need to remain intentional in our offerings, otherwise we run the risk of being seen as out of touch or worse disingenuous. Rather than thinking generation (A) thinks like (B), strip out all of the generational baggage and think in terms of users need/want (C). 

I'm going to run with this video and challenge myself to refrain from the "kids these day's" perspective. I realize it is a disservice to users and myself to think of them as one dimensional. Worse if that is how I show up when working with or designing programs for user groups there is a greater chance that that will be the reality of how the experience goes down. 

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