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I recently decided to create a tutorial to help students in the undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Seminar determine whether the article that they are looking at is from a peer-reviewed journal.

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to accomplish, but thought I'd confer with Paul Zenke to get any instructional design-type insights into my project.

Besides talking me through the objectives I hoped to accomplish, Paul introduced me to a new content creation tool that's freely available on the Internet: Popplet.

Popplet works a lot like Prezi, but instead of the flying graphics, the user directs the flow of information.  This aspect was particularly useful for my project as I wanted to give the students branching options based on the information that they had in front of them.

Popplet also gives you the ability to embed the finished product directly into the LCP:

It probably took me around 20 minutes to put this together.  I then sent it out to some colleagues to review and had a finished product by the end of the day!

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