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I was just helping out a colleague in Google Books, when I noticed that Google Books is now offering exports to EndNote, RefMan, and Bibtex!

It prompted this tweet


I may well be super late to this Google Book records exporting party (which would be a change of pace because I'm somewhat notorious among my friends for actually being obsessively punctual about my party attendance--if the invitation says the party starts at 8, why would I not show up until 9...or 10!--oh well they needed help setting out the relish tray anyway)...but I figure better late than never.

Anyway, if like me, this is news to you here's how you can export...

1.  Do your search in Google Books.
2.  Click on a title that looks interesting.
3.  Look at the top left corner of the Item Record page and click on the About This Book link


4.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the About This Book page and you should see some export options:


As you can see RefWorks is not an option...but there is a work around!  You can select the RefMan option which will save the citation in an RIS Format file to your computer.  You can then go into RefWorks and import the file using the RIS Format as your import filter (and database).

So if your users are using Google Books...this may be of interest!

Note:  If the book you're looking at has no preview you get taken automatically to the About This Book you can just scroll to the bottom there to find the export buttons.

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