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Last week I went to the American Society for Engineering Education (Engineering Libraries Division!) Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.


This year's docket was heavy with Information Literacy-themed sessions.  The event was blogged by ELD Member Christine Drew.  So if you're interested to learn more what trends the Engineering Librarians are thinking about you can check it out at

A session that stuck out to me was this 7a.m. session, "Information Literacy Programs For FIrst Year Engineering Programs" (There were 7 a.m. sessions everyday)

Many of the presenters discussed "meeting students where they're at" in researching...instead of forcing them into "Library Resources" straight from the beginning.  The presenters from Wyoming mentioned using Google's Wonderwheel to help students brainstorm keywords (the results were only so-so).  And one speaker from the University of Toronto said something that was really catchy...he said (and I may be slightly paraphrasing)

"It's not about using credible sources, it's about using sources credibly."

I liked that.

You might also be interested in the multi-level plagiarism game that the University of Florida is developing for it's graduate students.  In that same session you can also learn more about the work that U of M Librarian, Jan Fransen has been doing building tutorials geared specifically to grad students in her departments.

So even though it was an "engineering librarian" conference I think there's stuff that could be taken and learned from in other disciplines as well. If you're interested in learning more I'd be happy to talk to you in more detail about the sessions I saw.

As an added bonus here's a picture of a giant sulfur pile in Vancouver's harbour:


That's a lot of sulfur!  I don't know why it's there...but I couldn't stop taking pictures of it!

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