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...and Ended Up With A Re-vamped In-Person Workshop.

Just thought I'd share this recent example of Instructional Design serendipity:

Back in May a group of science and engineering librarians got in touch with Paul Zenke because we wanted to update our online tutorial, "Creating Posters In PowerPoint"


When we met with Paul he asked us what we hoped to achieve with this tutorial and after having a discussion about the outcomes he thought we might be better able to achieve our goals through a static infographic and an interactive online activity (a poster rating simulation--still in progress).

Later Jody Kempf and I met to discuss ways that we could punch up the in-person workshop that we teach on using PowerPoint to Create A Poster and we decided to take what we'd discussed with Paul and try to apply it to our in-person workshops.

We decided to use the infographic that Paul created as our workshop handout and also to take the poster rating simulation idea that Paul and Andrew were developing for our online users and see if we could use it to generate conversations in class using Clicker software to conduct a live version of the poster rating simulation.

So now instead of lecturing about design criteria we're going to give students a chance to look over the infographic and then we'll present them with slides of a poster (the poster images were created by Andrew Palahniuk)


And using the criteria on the infographic we have them rank the poster from 1 to 5 stars.


We then can use the rankings as the beginnings of a conversation about poster design principles.

I think this is a great example of the unexpected outcomes of going into a meeting with Paul...even when you think that you just want an updated tutorial.

If you're interested please feel free to use the can alter them however best fits your instructional needs.

P.S.  I'll also be posting these in the *new and improved* Information Literacy Toolkit!

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