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  • "We are no longer just consumers of content, we have become curators of it too."
  • "If someone approached me even five years ago and explained that one day in the near future I would be filtering, collecting and sharing content for thousands of perfect strangers to read -- and doing it for free -- I would have responded with a pretty perplexed look. Yet today I can't imagine living in a world where I don't filter, collect and share."
  • "In the past, I may have used this time in the day to read newspapers, magazines or books. Now I have just substituted the same time with reading and sharing news online."
  • metacuration
  • "Sharing has become a reflex action when people find an interesting video, link or story."
  • controlled serendipity
from 'Controlled Serendipity' Liberates the Web By Nick Bilton
January 22, 2010-New York Times

And...Some Thoughts on "Controlled Serendipity" by Gary Price and Shirl Kennedy (aka Resource Shelf)
  • "We also know that the real challenge is teaching users and POTENTIAL users that research is more than just tossing two or three words into a search box."
  • "Other increasingly important issues? Personal archiving"
  • "But when we harness the brains of savvy intermediaries, the odds are pretty good that we're not going to miss something significant."

How does this play into instruction? Great discussion could be had on that one. Partly-after just watching a Lecture Capture webinar from EDUCAUSE--I think recording our workshops will allow others to "share" our stuff and spread the instruction.

Has everyone seen this?

Text a Librarian?

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Did you see this....

textalibrarian.jpg"OCLC and Mosio are working together to enable seamless integration of Mosio's Text a Librarian text messaging reference software with OCLC's QuestionPoint reference management service to provide a comprehensive virtual reference solution for libraries."
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Has anyone ever texted a librarian?
I am posting this message from the Wilson Reference Desk list:
"The Arts & Humanities / AP Department have purchased the complete electronic backfile for Gale's Dictionary of Literary Biography.  These are all available through the Databases A-Z link as well as through MNCat."
After a few technical difficulties...and a few tries here is a short intro video for College in the Schools program. I am now trying to figure out how to send this out in an email to teachers to share with their students....any ideas? You can't embed a video in an email, right? Maybe Youtube? Here is our little University of Minnesota Channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/umnLibraries)

January Workshops in Brief

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Running Meetings like Google

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google.jpgOkay so this has rather little to do with Learning but does seem to be worth sharing--since we do have lots of meetings the discuss Learning:


1. Set a firm agenda.
2. Assign a note-taker.
3. Carve out micro-meetings.
4. Hold office hours.
5. Discourage politics, use data.
6. Stick to the clock.

What do you think?

Lecture Caputure

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As we get ready to learn more on recording the Library workshops here is a post from the Emerging Tech Expo on the technology we will be talking about:
http://blog.lib.umn.edu/emergingtexpoblog/2009/11/class-capture.html p.s. webcams not needed

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