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What do 300 clickers look like?

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How do you interest a large class? Last week I helped use all of the Libraries clickers in the large section of an Architecture course. Worked rather well!

photo 2 (2).JPG

photo 5 (2).JPG

New templates in Prezi

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You have been able to change colors and such in Prezi for a little while but they have added a bunch of new templates which may it rather easy create something aesthetically pleasing...shall we say... I did a presentation for a class where their project is going to be creating/editing Wikipedia articles...

I also showed one of my favorite Stephen Colbert clips for "wikiality" and about 5 minutes from a TED talk with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.


Workshops in Brief

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Did you see the workshop advertised in Brief this week?


from Cultivating Learning post in Techniques in Teaching and Learning from the Center for Teaching and Learning: http://uminntilt.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/cultivating-learning/.

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