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Interesting report about our campus:

"This study reports on the responses of 232 international undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota who answered a survey about the challenges they faced in their first semester on campus.  The survey questions focused on what made learning difficult, what major challenges international students recognized for students adjusting to studying at a large university, and what would help international students adjust more easily during their first year.  Answers to both multiple response and open-ended questions were analyzed and four main themes emerged from the data.  These themes include difficulties studying and learning in a second language, a lack of shared academic and classroom culture, feelings of isolation, and general cultural differences outside of academics.  Sub-themes are also identified and recommendations and resources for addressing the main challenges students identified are provided."

A few additional highlights:




 "What is the future of owning music and what does it mean for the industry? Nancy Sims, University of Minnesota Libraries' subject specialist on copyright issues, will join The Daily Circuit Monday to discuss music in the digital age. She will be joined by local artists Sean McPherson and Jeremy Messersmith."

I tripped across a list of top 10 lists for CLA students and we got 3 of the top 10 study spaces:


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