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Help me not buy a textbook!

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I have already gotten 2 textbook questions this week so Stephen Bell's blog post seemed timely...especially considering the CEHD Open Textbook project (http://cehdvision2020.umn.edu/cehd-blog/open-textbooks-catalog/)

"Alternate textbooks can mix resources from existing textbooks, licensed library collections, primary research content, open textbooks, multimedia or faculty's self-authored material. What the final product looks like and how it is used is entirely up to the individual faculty member, but librarians are available to help with identifying and organizing resources."

My Questions: 
Do any subject librarians pitch this message to faculty? What timing would be most beneficial? What would the process look like if we were really a partner in trying to create an entire semester of "alternatives"? Should we create a page to highlight this as a formal service? What is the relationship with Course Reserves? 

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