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In the December 2009 issue of American Libraries there is a short article titled, Be the Bridge.  The author goes on to explain how assignments are the perfect ground in which to build collaboration with instructors; bridge classroom content with PBL or other learning projects. 

I enjoyed how the author explained that even the best assignments have holes.  For example, when a faculty member says no encyclopedias does that mean subject-specific as well?  I think we are interpreters of assignments rather than translators as we have to infer what is meant by "no websites." 

This all presumes the faculty member is open to working with you to rework the assignment to make it more successful for the students.  What if this isn't the case?  How do you build the bridge to even start that conversation?

The author lists very obvious consequences of poorly designed assignments for the students and instructors, which could be used in a discussion.    Though for collaboration with the faculty he suggests getting involved at the departmental level, if possible.  Looking to try to to build those collaborations on assignments and departments.  Stay tuned for Phase II of the Information Literacy Environmental Scan.

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