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As we gear up for the fall instruction push I though everyone might be interested in Judith Boettcher, Ph.D., an expert in online learning's Nine Ways to Customize Learning Experiences.  The good thing to note is we already are doing some of this, or about to start!

  • Item 3 is about examining the course structure. Now is a great time to review items in the IL Toolkit and add items to inspire your colleagues with fresh ideas. 
  • Consider checking out some clickers to use in your instruction sessions to give students' the power to choose what they are most interested in and to give periodic feedback through a session.  This aligns nicely with item 4, Differentiate assignments and content resources.
  • Personally, I <3 the idea of having a discussion around learning goals and objectives and having students comment on a discussion board.  Maybe using Google Docs this could happen before you have an instruction session with them, or consider collaboratively writing them with the course instructor?

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