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While it may not be surprising that the 2010 Horizon report would focus on digital media literacy, this year they point out that now, more than ever, this skill set is relevant across all disciplines.  I have seen first hand this diversity, from student-produced video documentaries in Sociology for International Law, to Environmental Sustainability program awareness videos. 

One of the major points the report makes is that:

"As faculty and instructors begin to realize that they are limiting their students by not helping them to develop and use digital media literacy skills across the curriculum, the lack of form training is being offset through professional development or informal learning, but we are far from seeing digital media literacy as a norm.  This reality is exacerbated b the fact that as technology continues to evolve, digital literacy must necessarily be less about tools and more about ways of thinking and seeing, and of crafting narrative."

So just as we no longer focus on whether someone is typing a paper using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, Apple Pages or Text, we are concerned that they are able to compose papers in cogent and engaging manner.  The same holds true for all forms of media.

My question to you then is two fold: 
1)  What instructors in your area are already incorporating these media production opportunities into their curriculum?

2)  What instructors in your area may not currently being doing so, but would likely be interested in exploring this possibility?

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