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Considering Angry Birds

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angrybirds.jpgI will confess an addiction (at times) with the game Angry Birds which is why I was interested to read Why Angry Birds is so successful and popular: a cognitive teardown of the user experience. Here are a few things I found interesting:

"The total number of hours consumed by Angry Birds players world-wide is roughly 200 million minutes a DAY, which translates into 1.2 billion hours a year. To compare, all person-hours spent creating and updating Wikipedia totals about 100 million hours over the entire life span of Wikipedia (Neiman Journalism Lab)."

"This seems an obvious point, but few realize that a simple interaction model need not be, and rarely is, procedurally simple. Simplification means once users have a relatively brief period of experience with the software, their mental model of how the interface behaves is well formed and fully embedded."

This led me to think about students mental models about libraries and what sort of "thing" we could create to try to help student's make sense of libraries/how information is organized/how scholarly information is developed/organized. More to consider...

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