Information Literacy Toolkit

The Information Literacy Toolkit (  is intended to help librarians increase their knowledge of information literacy, share best practices, and facilitate creating high-quality learning materials. The organization and seeding material will be added by the Information Literacy Collaborative but this is meant to be a dynamic place where librarians can share ideas, sample presentations, lesson plans, worksheets and more on information literacy, instruction, curriculum integration and more.

The Collaborative is open to any ideas on organizations and materials for inclusion. (Login: UMIL Password: goldy7gopher)

Text Instructions to add materials to the Toolkit:
  • Log in to The group's username is UMIL, and the password is goldy7gopher. Once you have logged in, you are ready to save a bookmark.
  • To create a bookmark, click on "Save a new bookmark" (usually below the search box in the upper right corner).
  • Copy the URL from the address bar in the website you are adding or the Intellilink URL for your NetFiles document.
  • Paste it into the URL box on the Save a New Bookmark page in Delicious.
  • Click on Next, and a page will open with fields for the website's title, notes, and tags in addition to the URL.
    • Title: Copy and paste or type in the title of the page you're saving.
    • Notes: Add a brief description of what the website is about and any additional useful information. Also include your name in the Notes field so that materials you added can be searched by your name. Add any relevant information like course number (e.g., CHEM 1021) here, too.
    • Tags: Enter one or more tags separated by spaces here. For a two or more word tag, use an underscore (e.g., Information_Literacy). Choose your tags from the tag list or cloud on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Click Save when you are done.
  • Documents bookmarked in NetFiles should be stored in Divisions\AcaProg\DivisionWide\Groups\InfoLit_Collaborative\PublicFiles
 Alternatively, browser add-ons and bookmarklets can install buttons in a browser toolbar and make adding bookmarks very easy. See Click the "Tag" icon or "Bookmark this on Delicious" to open a window to add information as described above.

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