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This was posted on a list I am on for feedback. I thought it was an interested possible use of mobile technologies meet Library stacks. Interesting idea...but what do you think of the name?

Proposal: The LibGossip Platform: creating participatory library learning environments with ubiquitous technology

"...The platform powers an array of mobile applications which guide students to the exact location of physical items in real time; essentially converting their mobile computing device into a library positioning tool...."

By leveraging circulation data of books in the student's proximity and user generated motion data in the student's path, the platform will guide students to the most popular (or most relevant, depending on the students filtering preference) resources in the library, effectively communicating in the aggregate the research interests of users in the building. The system will guide users to personalized resources of immediate interest by way of a user edited profile consisting of course enrollment, current assignments, and group project membership."

Here is more about the venue for the proposal:
The Digital Media and Learning Competition, created in 2007, was designed to find "and to inspire" the most novel uses of new media in support of learning. Projects explore how digital technologies are changing the way people learn and participate in daily life. Awards have recognized individuals, for-profit companies, universities, and community organizations using new media to transform learning.

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