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I watched a webinar from EDUCAUSE called "The Convergence of Lecture Capture and Social Media" by Joshua Kim--Senior Learning Technologist and Adjunct Professor
Dartmouth College

My basic take away is this stuff is becoming much more common and mainstream and that may Universities are experimenting with stuff like Camtasia Relay/Class Capture. It makes me feel more strongly that this is a great direction to be moving with our workshops (and course integrated instruction).

Here is the description:
..."discuss how the formerly separate domains of lecture capture technologies and the emerging options for publicly sharing lectures on Web 2.0 consumer platforms are destined for convergence. This development will raise important questions related to policy, control, and governance. We will discuss how lecture capture and cloud-based consumer publishing platforms are creating a range of opportunities and challenges for academic leaders that will touch on issues of openness, transparency, outreach, and responsibility."
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