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Vol 4, No 1 (2010)

"The current issue, as the title of this editorial indicates, examines learner-centred information literacy initiatives within the HE context. The first three papers are concerned with information literacy education (ILE) associated with the development of problem-solving and research competences within specific discipline-based contexts, while the remaining two papers, from LILAC, reflect innovative ways of providing timely support to the learners by employing mobile and video technologies."

Table of Contents

Editorial: Learner-centered information literacy initiatives in Higher Education Susie Andretta     1-5

Mapping Student Information Literacy Activity against Bloom's Taxonomy of Cognitive Skills     Judith Keene, John Colvin, Justine Sissons     6-21

A scoring rubric for performance assessment of information literacy in Dutch higher education Jos van Helvoort     22-39

LibGuides in Political Science: A Gateway to Information Literacy and Improved Student Research Jonathan Miner, Ross Alexander     40-54

Articles from LILAC
QR Codes - using mobile phones to deliver library instruction and help at the point of need.     Andrew Walsh     55-65

Using online video to promote database searching skills: the creation of a virtual tutorial for Health and Social Care students Karen Gravett     66-71

Common Craft is a small company that does a great job of explaining web technologies in simple, easy-to-understand, short videos. I've used some of their videos in a classroom setting as a part of a lesson that incorporates a particular technology. The videos also inspire me to think about how to explain something in a way that conveys the idea in the simplest terms possible. Their latest video explains what Wikipedia is and how it works.

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