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camera.jpgPost at ProfHacker on images. Seems to me that everyone should know about using Flickr and Creative Commons....

"Here at ProfHacker, we've long believed in the power of images to engage, amuse, and instruct. In addition to the wide-ranging images attached to each post, we've written a few words about pictures, too." 
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camtasia_relay_package.jpgCamtasia Relay 3 has some new features which caught my attention:
  • Add captions to videos with ease
  • Enhanced audio capture
  • Improved search accuracy
  • Powerful editing
Not sure how long these might take to get to our version, Class Capture through OIT, but maybe soon...

10 new tutorials in PRIMO

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10 new projects were accepted into the PRIMO (Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online) database. The accepted projects from the Spring 2010 round of reviews are as follows:

Answering Clinical Questions (ACQ), University of Western Australia
Description:     The Answering Clinical Questions (ACQ) program is a series of online learning modules covering an introductory curriculum for Evidence-Based Practice (EBP). The ACQ program: •exemplifies the University of Western Australia (UWA), Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences approach to EBP •ensures that geographically dispersed UWA staff and students have access to the introductory curriculum for EBP •supports the EBP teaching and learning activities of UWA staff and students

Research Basics 101, East Carolina University
Description:     Research Basics is a collection of six online, self-paced tutorials covering the beginning of the research process through finding resources. It highlights keyword generation, types of resources, the information time line, research evaluation strategies, and library website navigation. Each tutorial includes a concept check with time for reflection. The tutorials enhance library instruction sessions and provide undergraduate, graduate, and distance education students with asynchronous instruction.

The Productive Researcher, Syracuse University Library
Description:     The Productive Researcher is a set of six modules intended to provide an introduction to general library research skills. It also may serve as a quick review or update for the experienced researcher. You may choose from text, video, video with captioning, and audio podcast versions of these lessons. Topics include defining a topic and generating keywords, finding databases on the library's web site, finding articles in library databases, finding full text articles, using the library's catalog, and using databases to find information in different formats.

Harold B. Lee Library Virtual Tour, Brigham Young UniversityLeeLibTour.jpg
Description:     Design a library virtual tour for the BYU-Salt Lake Center so satellite students can fulfill the library tour requirement for First-Year Writing without having to travel to Provo, Utah.

Articles, Books, and Beyond: Library Orientation Workshop, Sonoma State University Library
Description:     Articles, Books & Beyond Online Workshop is a series of 8 quick tutorials that introduce the basic resources and services of the Sonoma State University Library. A quiz is available as an optional resource to test student understanding and application of the basic library skills taught in the tutorials. Once passed, the quiz provides an option to print out a certificate of completion.

Newton Gresham Library Information Literacy Tutorial, Sam Houston State University
Description:     A module-based information literacy tutorial that addresses each stage of the research process, including selecting a topic, identifying information needs, selecting sources, locating information, evaluating information, and citing sources. The tutorial uses Flash, but the slide text is also accessible to screen readers such as JAWS.

**Consumer Health Complete, University of Minnesota**

Author: Matt Lee, Minitex
Description:     Consumer Health Complete is part of an ongoing series of tutorials thatConsumerHealth.jpg provide an introduction to databases available statewide to libraries, schools, and residents via the Electronic Library for Minnesota (ELM) program. Minitex manages the ELM program and created these tutorials to promote it to schools and libraries, and to provide an introduction to database content and navigation to library staff and MN residents.

What is a Database? Ursuline College

Description:     This interactive tutorial explains the concept of a database. It explores familiar databases such as Amazon and YouTube, and uses them to illustrate the concepts of records and fields. These concepts are then applied to library databases, including the library catalog and Academic Search Complete. Users must answer a few multiple choice questions to confirm their understanding of key concepts.

Goblin Threat, Lycoming College
Description:     The Goblin Threat game was created to be a fun way for undergraduate students to learn the basics of plagiarism in a non-threatening game environment.

Understanding Wikipedia, Raritan Valley Community College
Description:     This section if part of a longer information literacy tutorial designed for undergraduates. The Wikipedia section begins with an explanation of Wikipedia and is followed by a guided Wikipedia search that instructs students how to use the References section of a Wikipedia article to find additional sources. Using 2 frames - one which provides instructions for the guided search and another which allows the student to actively explore a Wikipedia article - this learning object provides an interactive approach to helping students understand how Wikipedia can be used in their research appropriately: by referring them to additional sources.

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