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Kindles for InterLibrary Loan

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Article: "Lightning fast interlibrary loan: Using e-readers for on-demand delivery" 
from University of Nebraska-Omaha
College and Research Libraries News

  • Traditionally, ILL book (loan) requests can be filled in only two of the following three ways--fast, cheap, or easy. It could be fast and cheap, but not easy; could be fast and easy, but not cheap; could be cheap and easy, but not fast. With the arrival of e-readers and e-books, it is possible to have it all--fast, cheap, and easy. The ability to deliver patron requests in a few minutes compared to days is profound.
  • ILL patrons will have a choice between Kindle book or traditional book staff purchases the title and have the e-reader waiting at the circulation desk for pickup.
  • If the patron responds affirmatively, ILL 
  • "I actually tried making a photocopy of a page on the Kindle, and it worked."

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