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I love all the shots of all the spaces--great overview of building and services.

Interesting report about our campus:

"This study reports on the responses of 232 international undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota who answered a survey about the challenges they faced in their first semester on campus.  The survey questions focused on what made learning difficult, what major challenges international students recognized for students adjusting to studying at a large university, and what would help international students adjust more easily during their first year.  Answers to both multiple response and open-ended questions were analyzed and four main themes emerged from the data.  These themes include difficulties studying and learning in a second language, a lack of shared academic and classroom culture, feelings of isolation, and general cultural differences outside of academics.  Sub-themes are also identified and recommendations and resources for addressing the main challenges students identified are provided."

A few additional highlights:



We had two events with the Orientation Leaders in the last two weeks. The Orientation Leaders are about 25 students who guide First Year and Transfer students when they come to campus during the summer to register (e.g. the groups on the mall in large circles with their bookstore bags). Then the OLs train the 200+ Welcome Week Leaders in late summer.

First was a 20 minute training session where we ask students to write and draw what they knew about the libraries and academic research. The couple of surprising things from the drawings....each one had books, computers, coffee but they also all had a pillar (e.g. Walter)!

photo 3.JPG

The next session with the OLs was a recap of the top 10 things FY/Transfer students should know about the libraries...then a cavern tour. The students were very excited for this and Ryan did a great job leading the tour (p.s. we won't mention the elevator).



We have been using this small QR code affixed to the Libraries map as an attention grabber with students during a variety of Orientation events. There has been a positive response--we explain that students can get help from the "Research Ninja's" throughout the Libraries and the QR codes takes students to the Libraries homepage/mobile page if scanned with their smartphones.

Designed by Andrew Palahniuk

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