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OIT's Pecha Kucha

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Check out the recording of the recent 20 by 20: An OIT Pecha Kucha Event about Google@UMN

If you don't know "Pecha Kucha (pronounced "peh-CHAK-cha") presentations are narrated slideshows that are meant to be concise, informative, and entertaining. Pecha kucha means "chit chat" or "the sound of conversation" in Japanese and was developed by two architects from Tokyo who were fed up with bad PowerPoint presentations. Presentations move quickly as each presenter narrates 20 slides that are displayed for 20 seconds each." Crazy!

The whole thing is good (see the complete program) but here are the Library folks:

  • Shane Nackerud--Google Wave (starts at ~46:00)
  • Jon and Kate--Google for Researchers (~53:00)
  • Jason Roy--Google Book Search, Haiti Trust and Digitization (~60:00)
  • Nancy Sims--Google | Engineering | Copyright (~67:30)

What do you think?

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