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I recently had the pleasure of sitting in on an engaging workshop given by our Copyright Librarian, Nancy Sims, to a room full of instructors from the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology as part of our Library Faculty Seminar.  Nancy used the Turning Point clickers to have the audience interact with her throughout her presentation.  At the end of the day many participants noted that activity as a highlight for the event.

Jan Fransen, Lisa Johnston and I have been using clickers to let attendees decide the course we take to covering the content in our Google for Researchers class.  We list the possible topics on PowerPoint slides and poll the users to see what they're most interested in.

After seeing the way that Nancy used clickers I thought I'd search our Info Lit Toolkit to see if others are using the clickers to make their sessions more interactive.  When I searched for "clickers" the only things that came back were my own Google for Researchers slides.

So I'm curious to know -- are others using clickers?  If so how are you using them--assessment? interactivity?    If you're not using clickers what are the stumbling blocks?  Do instruction librarians feel supported enough with this technology?

I'd love to get more ideas. If you do have example clicker slides why not put them in the Info Lit Toolkit and tag them "clickers"?  Your use may inspire someone else!

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