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Can I find it again? Poster

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Can I Find it Again?: Difficulties First Year Students Face When Managing Their Digital Stuff

As we collect and produce a variety of digital materials, organizing and self-archiving them becomes a growing challenge. To better understand how the University Library can support these needs, we asked 500 first-year students during Welcome Week 2012 how they perceive their personal digital needs. They revealed concern about managing music, photos, digital notes, e-books and videos.

The survey results will help inform resources for managing a person's digital life, including photos, music, video, e-mail, digital notes, and e-books. The group plans to address the needs of the entire University community, in addition to first-year students, by building online resources and providing outreach/in-person opportunities for members of the University community to better enable them to manage personal collections that are growing in size and complexity.

Our University president has called on us to consider ways we can enhance our operational excellence by saving time and money while adding efficiency on all levels. This poster will present ways that we can add to people's personal efficiency by guiding them to both tools and practices to assist in organizing their digital lives.

Amy Neeser, Reference Librarian, University Libraries
Lois Hendrickson, Reference Librarian, University Libraries
Lisa Johnson, Research Services Librarian, University Libraries
Jody Kempf, Assistant Librarian, University Libraries

Poster season

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As we move into poster season, the U Libraries want to share a few resources we have on reating posters for students:

1.) In-person workshops: Creating Posters Using PowerPoint
Getting ready to do a poster for your course or at an upcoming conference? Learn pointers about using PowerPoint to create the poster as one giant slide, and send it to a large-scale printer. Register at

Tue, 03/26/2013 - 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Location: 310 Walter Library

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 10:00am - 11:00am
Location: 310 Walter Library

2.) Creating Posters in Powerpoint Recorded Workshop

3.) Effective Poster Design Elements and an exercise in which you pretend to be a poster judge

4.) View past student projects
The University Digital Conservancy also has a collection of over 500 posters and paper from UROP 
Here is a link to browse in date order:

5.) Help with planning
The Assignment Calculator includes a Poster (In PowerPoint).


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