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I tripped across a list of top 10 lists for CLA students and we got 3 of the top 10 study spaces:



Field trip anyone?

"A stack of books stood there a year ago. Now there is a beehive of hexagon-shaped tables, laptops, and flat-screen TVs.

Welcome to the modern university library.

UW-Madison will unveil new learning centers Tuesday at two campus libraries: College Library (UW-Madison's undergraduate library) and Wendt Commons Library (the engineering library).

The new centers, called the Wisconsin Collaboratory for Enhanced Learning Center, or WisCEL (pronounced "whistle"), are intended to be able to transform from a classroom, to a small group work space, to a place to study or get tutoring."

Read more:

stss.jpgCool an active learning conference in an active learning space... 

"The purpose of the forum is to advance practice and research on active learning spaces in areas such as pedagogical innovation, student learning assessment, and faculty support."

Anyone going? 

Library spaces

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Overview of work at UNC Charlotte about some of their library space issues as Mike Olson (from UNCC) talked to Virginia Tech librarians about their spaces during an in-service day. A few ideas are:

-They have gone from 5 services desks to 2
-Quiet zones--well labeled
-Integrating majority of reference collection into stacks to make more room for students
-System to show where open computers are

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