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I am a sucker for this whiteboard style...Useful message for new grad students. Has anyone used this before/during instruction?
kimbel_cereal.jpgAs many of you know I have fallen head over heels for the Kimbel Library videos and I use them in just about every session I teach.

It just caught my attention that they were selected for PRIMO and hence there is an interview with them on the making of these. They were also at the Library Technology Conference last year, where I began my crush.

Kimbel Library Instructional Videos

Interviewees: Joshua Vossler and John Watts

Institution: Coastal Carolina University

Read more: 

 The objective was to create videos that students would enjoy, or at least not find aversive. By providing instruction that addressed both the affective domain (through humor) and the cognitive domain (through a multimedia presentation of lecture, text, and diagrams), we hoped students would achieve the cognitive goals of our program without developing negative associations with information literacy, the library, or librarians. Each video was created around two outcomes: One cognitive outcome and one affective outcome. Each video had a different cognitive outcome, but all videos shared the same affective outcome, although that outcome was measured separately for each video.

The best practices came from a list that we created:

  • One learning outcome per video.
  • Each video should be no more than three minutes.
  • Use as little screen capturing as possible.
  • Use humor.
  • Use livestock.
I like this class specific tutorial--great hook for students to use our tools without being too specific so that when an interface changes it needs to be changed. View here: or below

Peer Review to open access

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Is the $$ the way to describe peer review? I know that we often talked about the "who" and the "money" when we talk about evaluating websites and sources (e.g. where does Google get its profit?). But this video from SPARC on open access might be another way to go...

Open Access 101, from SPARC from Karen Rustad on Vimeo.

What do you think?

I might also add this to my graduate student orientations next year...I like it.
This presentation from netflix CEO Reed Hastings made me rethink PPT a little bit. It was designed to be "read" not presented....and I did...through all 128 slides of it...Why?

-I was interested
-the slideshare interface was easy to click through
-engaging, clear points
-clear organization with where I had been and where I was going

Do others have PPTs they like? Any Library examples? 

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