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Here are a few things I found useful as I skimmed the book by Janice Redish titled "Letting go of the words." I think these are useful as I am about to rise by subject and course pages. I think I am going to have in my head the image of the slightly impatient student at the reference desk--when you know you need to be quick and to the point or he/she is just going to leave.

  • People come to web sits to satisfy goals, to do tasks, to get answers to questions.
  • They don't read much much, especially before they get to the page that has the information they want.
  • Even on information pages, they skim and scan before they start to read
  • They want to read only enough to meet their needs
  • Write so that busy people can grab the information they need and go on to whatever they need to do next
  • We all interpret as we read.
  • Break up large documents.
  • Give people what they need
  • Cut! Cut! Cut! And Cut Again!
  • Start with key point. Write in inverted pyramid style
  • Writing informally is not "dumbing down"!
  • Talk to your site visitors
  • When you update pages, revise them to be better writing for the web.
  • Break up text with headings
  • Use action phrase headings for instructions
  • Put your site vistors' words in the headings

Do you have any tips or tricks you use when you write/edit your pages?

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