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If you use the Moodle Class that we've created to support RefWorks Training, I wanted to alert you that we've added content for users that opt to use Version 2.0.

The way I've set it up is to keep all the Version 1 content (since users may still be using that through the end of the year) and put the 2.0 version of the same content directly underneath.

Here's a screen shot:


Even if you don't use this Moodle site in your instruction...feel free to look it over if you want an overview of the new version of RefWorks...updating the content really forced me to engage with the changes.  Most of the changes are pretty minimal, but there's one or two things (creating a folder, setting up a read-only password) that have changed more drastically.

If you look over it and notice any errors, please feel free to let me know.

Also if you teach RefWorks and would like your picture/contact info added, I'm happy to make this Moodle as inclusive as possible :)

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