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Last month the Twitterverse declared February 23rd to be Bart Simpson's birthday. Being a lifelong Simpsons fan I thought it was odd that I had never celebrated my yellow friends entry into the world before. The website SplitSider tracked down this erroneous birthday in a very interesting post on their site. ( I will leave the details to their original post but effectively what happened was a global game of telephone. Ultimately the Chicago Tribune, Nexflix, Rolling Stone, and Columbia College Chicago added an air of credibility to this idea. 

I was reading the article for the upcoming Current Issues Coffee Club - March, 23rd - and wondered if a society grounded in information literacy would spontaneously grant birthday's to our fictional friends?

Twitter for search?

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twitter2.jpgtwitter2.jpg"Why would you want to generate a Twitter-based search of library materials through WorldCat?"

"Keep in mind that this first implementation is more suggestive than an end in itself.  We thought that as it stands, it could be useful in its current form.   Many people use Twitter for reminders or just simple notes to their peers. You may want to share a search with your social network and mark it with another hash tag. Or you might want to store the results in your tweet stream just like bookmarks. You might want save a thought for later work through a mobile device. The point is, people are using Twitter for all kinds of reasons. If libraries can get their data and services into that space, it will bring more users to the library."

#Ask4Stuff is a new, Twitter-based service that returns a WorldCat search when you send a tweet with the tag #Ask4Stuff.  So if you send the following tweet:

#Ask4Stuff lake erie shipwreck
You'll get a tweet back that says something like:

@YOURNAME A few things about lake erie shipwreck in #Ask4Stuff, check out
Where the link then takes you to the search result for "lake erie shipwreck." You can even localize the result to a WorldCat Local instance by including the Local library name as another hash tag. Example:

#Ask4Stuff #OSU lake erie shipwreck

Read more: 

Interesting to see where stuff like this might go--continuation of many ways to do the same thing.  What do you think?

Using Twitter to relive history

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I came across this and I am strangely interested.

"Welcome to TwHistory. We believe that history is filled with exciting stories. We also believe twhistory.jpgthat these stories can be told through Twitter; through the people who lived and experienced them. We go through journals, diaries, letters, and other original sources to deliver the day-to-day lives of people who lived through some of histories most exciting times. We broadcast this information through Twitter, and feel this is a new and exciting approach to understanding history. Instead of reading about a month-long campaign in a few hours, you experience it over the course of a month in small 140 character 'Tweets'."

Examples include:

  • Gettysburg
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

Learn more: or watch a Prezi about it (

How could this be used in Library instruction?

I wonder if you could modify this so people would take on "types of sources" and have them tweet about what would be published about an event.

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