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"My Word!"

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My Word! : Plagiarism and College Culture by Susan D. Blum
Check it out on Amazon or MnCat.

Chemistry Librarian, Meghan Lafferty, drew my attention to a blog post about this book from Inside Higher Education.  The blog post says that the book explores "why plagiarism seems to have moved from deviant to normative behavior amongst college students" giving focus to "the seeming inability of students to properly cite sources and give attribution for other peoples ideas and sentences"

The original post goes into more detail about the scope of the book...but it looks like a good read.  U of M Libraries currently own 2 copies (both checked out) and Hennepin County Library has another copy (also currently checked out).
Do you work with a class with high numbers of International students? Add the "Guide" to your LCP page. For example, I just added the Guide for International Students to the WRIT 1301 course (in English, Chinese, and Korean)--I am teaching one of the non-native speaker sections today and realized I should have done this a long time ago.


The guides are also linked on the Workshops, Guides and Tutorials page: https://www.lib.umn.edu/instruction/tutorials

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