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The Midtown Global Market

As soon as I walked into the Midtown Market I was overwhelmed with the variety of colors in the air; in both visual and cultural senses. It felt like someone was injecting me with a euphoric paranoia in that the more attention I gave to the unknown yielded a higher anxiety that eventually benefitted me with new cultural knowledge and schema. Anytime I can better understand different ethnicities and what they offer to the world I try to take advantage of the opportunity.

I soon discovered the extent of this stimulation to be embedded within the roots of each culture and subculture. So, each person present in this space, allocated for producers, consumers or passersby, held his or her own identity established from their own unique experience in life. In this case, their experience has been best depicted through their product; usually traditional foods.

The presence of energy was obvious. Transferred through the colorful air, through the gathering of diverse cultures and through the aknowledgement of valuable, cultural information.

I wasn't able to taste each culture, but I plan to return to sample as many foods as possible.