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According to Neil Postman, Technopoly is society’s belief that the goal of human thought and labor is efficiency.

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Technology may be a phenomenon and a “friend?, yet it can also be an “enemy? that intrudes and changes everything in a culture.

Postman divided cultural society into three categories:
1) Tool users
2) Technocracies
3) Technopolies

Tool users are us, the humans. Technocracies is society's goal in development of technology and the tools play an essential role. Technopolies is what the world depends itself on. Society likes to make things easier for themselves using technology.

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Technological change is neither additive or subtractive. It is Ecological. Every culture in today’s world deals with technology either through communication, transportation, education, medicine, production, and much more. He also describes that the manage of information such as opinion polls, SAT, and IQ tests are managed through technology and that “we believe our IQ score is our intelligence and the result of the opinion poll is our beliefs. Its as if our beliefs can be summarize in sentences such as ‘I approve’ and ‘I disapprove’?.

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As Postman said, "we look for technical solutions to human problems. But, it is a Faustian bargain we cannot afford to make".

Lavines thoughts were that, as our technology and tools become more difficult, so does our craft. He also discussed of how buildings resist gravity to give the world structure and that when observing a building, its like observing the human evolution. When admiring a building, imagine it turned inside out. The process of that is like the process of how humans evolved. Another thing he talked about that really interested me was how different people with different perspective on things, observe things. For example, if a interior designer were to look at a building they would admire the detail of the furniture, the walls, the use of space, and the design of lighting. However, If a engineer were to look at the same building, it would look for how the building is being held up, how the ceiling is made and what types of material is being used to keep it together. That was interesting because now that I observe buildings and what not, i pay attention to how I my self observe it.

Throughout the course of history, technology seems to be evolving and changing our society's culture. However, does it change what we think we mean by "knowing" and "truth"? Because as technolgy changes, wouldn't the "knowing" before it change as well? I believe that it can, and when it does, that would mean changing our culture to better fit more advanced technology.