October 16, 2006

Xai Lee at the U

Hello my fellow peers.
I am currently a Freshman in the School of Management. My intended major is International Business but as many know, with International Business, I will have to choose a co-major. The co-major, I am uncertain about.
I chose to attend the University of Minnesota due to the fact that I have family here and it's within miles of my home. Being a communtor has its postives and its negatives but I can't complain too much. School has been fairly well lately. I enjoy my classes and I'm hoping to have more classes like these in the future, classes where I can enjoy them.
Here at the U, the only organization I've taken part with is (HMSA) Hmong Minnesota Student Association. It's going very well. I will be dancing with their Traditional Dance group for their Heritage event this coming November so be sure to watch out for information on that event and feel free to attend.

Xai Lee