June 29, 2005

"Great Apes as Food"

This article really fascinates me. I never thought Apes would ever be considered food in any case. Although, before I read this article I thought it was going to be all about apes being cooked in different ways along with how they hunt them down. I didn’t really expect the article to tell me that I was about 98.7 percent identical to apes. This is somewhat scary and very intriguing. I have a better understanding of where a lot of the diseases found in apes and monkeys come from now.

I thought the sample paper about the Blood pressure was quite interesting as well. I learned a lot more about the Atkins diet which will benefit me with my research paper. I also thought that she could’ve found some outside sources besides her family members. Overall the paper was fairly well written.

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June 27, 2005

"Cogs in the Great Machine"

After reading this chapter, I feel like being a vegetarian now. This chapter was so detailed. The cows were fed steroids to fatten up quickly as well as the brutal treatment in the farms. How many cows went straight from the farm to the meat house and when they finally came out they were either in cans or where made into sausages. The author also mentions the diversity in the slaughter houses and how many of the minorities like Mexicans weren’t trusted with knives unless they worked for the company for a certain amount of time. Schlosser, also talks about the bad labor along with company (meatpacking) competitions and how many of the meat companies wrote threat letters as well as suing each other for the stupidest reasons.
The sources that Schlosser uses were books like “The Jungle” which was proven trustworthy by the federal government about disgusting animal slaughtering and along with the New York Times.

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June 23, 2005

"My life as a Hand Model"

I never thought people whose hands are shown on television were hand models. The pay is great for just showing off your hands. I always thought that the food that are put in television advertisements were fake but now I know the truth. It was so cool how they describe the ozzing cheese steak pizza that was still cooking when the cameras were rolling. I can't believe all the hard work that they put in ended with a 40second filming only. Overall, this article was interesting.

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June 22, 2005


“Candyfreak,” was a really interesting piece. I have never tasted a five star chocolate before. The closest was the Ferrero Rocher, which could be found in any grocery store in America. After reading this, the rocher is nothing close to being a five star chocolate. German or European chocolate seems to be the most exquisite chocolate other than Cubans. The author’s a more complex writer I mean the heck is a feuilletine? He did explain it but still I didn’t understand anything. He seems to be writing to an audience that would know more about five star chocolate. He has a good sense of humor along with a little hidden childhood. He wanted to stay at the chocolate factory forever. Now, I’ll probably have to say that I’m not that much of a chocolate freak compared to this author.

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June 21, 2005

"In Class Assignment"

“An estimated 167 million children under five years of age in the world are underweight- the results of acute or chronic hunger. This means that 20 percent of all hungry people are children.” This really shocked me knowing that kids are our future. They are innocent living beings who probably thinks hunger is a normal thing. Many of them will probably won’t live to be 18 years of age or if they do they’ll probably experience many Chronic diseases. Hunger is preventable in some cases like war, inflation of foods and other human made problems although Mother Nature is the only cause that is unpreventable.

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"World Hunger"

It’s really sad to see what all the causes of hunger really are. Some of these are preventable like war, government and the inflation of foods. The 12 myths really gave me an understanding of what people really think about hunger. Mother Nature, when at its greatest, can wipe out everything and this is out of human hands.
What was interesting was the fact that we have enough food in this world to feed everyone at least about 3000 calories per person each day. That’s about more than recommended for a person per day. Nevertheless, many people who are seriously ill and cannot eat are also considered as part of world hunger just because they lack the malnutrition and are underweight.
Lastly, I think we can’t stop hunger no matter what we do. It’s just too complex and too many other unstoppable occurrences.

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June 20, 2005

"Getting the Goods" & Jeremy lggers

I thought both the reviews from Jeremy lggers were a bit tempting for me. I’m definitely going to check these restaurants out. His descriptions about Jakeeno’s Pizza were really silly yet interesting to read. Also I thought that Gizmo three wheeler and that snappy jumpsuit with matching capes were really humorous. The restaurant really stands out because of that. The Longfellow grill seems to be an adorable yet distinctive place to dine in. I like the fact that he compares Longfellow with Chili’s and Applebee’s because it really gives me an idea of how Longfellow’s atmosphere is really like.
I thought “Getting the Goods,” was an acceptable piece. It’s somewhat similar to “Fresh off the Farm” and “Farm Fresh Find” just because both of these issues focused on finding fresh produce and meats. It was an easy reading because some of the places that were mentioned in this section were from around the Twins cities like the Minnesota farmers market.

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June 16, 2005

"Fresh Farm Find" & "Fresh off the Farm"

I find “Farm Fresh Find” and “Fresh off he Farm” were quite similar and interesting. Both of these stories made me really realize what kind of meats and produce I’m really consuming. They explore the differences between family own farms (produce & meats) and store bought items. I’ll probably think twice about going to a typical grocery store now. It’s true that meats taste better when the farmer gives the proper treatment and attention to the animal as well as produce.
What’s also interesting was the community-supported agriculture (CSA). I have never heard of this organization before. Its produce is probably better than the ones at Cub or Rainbow foods. This program would probably make local grocery stores out of businesses. I just don’t like that fact that CSA farmers only grow certain crops at certain times of the year. That’s probably why many choose the grocery stores.
“Farm Fresh Find,” was an intriguing piece because the lady is from Minnesota as well. I grasp and understood almost all the points and places she was talking about like Nicollet Island Inn and Sam’s club. That’s what makes the reader more focus and interested if the reader knows what exactly the writer’s writing about.

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June 15, 2005

"Barbecue, Jamaican Style"

“Barbeque, Jamaican Style,” was an interesting piece. I like the way the author said that he wanted to go where the jerk barbecue originated from. That just shows how devoted the author was towards jerk. I find that “Farm Fresh Find” and this story quite alike. Both these authors were seeking to find a particular food. The author in “Farm Fresh Find” was looking for fresh meat and fish and this author was looking for Jerk Barbecue. Both are devoted to great textures and taste of each particular food item.
I thought “A Flowering of Appetite,” was a really cultural piece. There were a lot things learned about the Chinese culture along with the different types of food served at a funeral. The beginning was a little freaky about the grandma’s death and what she did before she died. There seems to be a lot of culture tied with the different types of foods that they mentioned in here. When we think of Chinese food we don’t think about yellow fish with herbs we think of sir fried foods which was an interesting piece.
“Devil with a Red Apron,” was a fun piece to read. It’s so true what this author says, especially if you’re learning how to cook with older and experienced people. My mom was the same way. My mom never uses measuring cups or spoons. Eyeballing was the best technique for people who couldn’t speak English or read though it always tasted good.

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June 14, 2005

"Ode to an Egg"

This was the best piece that i have read so far. Wildgen has a really simplistic yet sophisticated way of describing the egg itself. I like the fact that she has quotes to back up what she has to say about the intriguing egg. Also the way she feels sexy and good after she cooks eggs. The other reading “Let’s be franks” was intriguing as well but more straight forward with what she has to say with the variety of foods.

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