June 15, 2005

"Barbecue, Jamaican Style"

“Barbeque, Jamaican Style,” was an interesting piece. I like the way the author said that he wanted to go where the jerk barbecue originated from. That just shows how devoted the author was towards jerk. I find that “Farm Fresh Find” and this story quite alike. Both these authors were seeking to find a particular food. The author in “Farm Fresh Find” was looking for fresh meat and fish and this author was looking for Jerk Barbecue. Both are devoted to great textures and taste of each particular food item.
I thought “A Flowering of Appetite,” was a really cultural piece. There were a lot things learned about the Chinese culture along with the different types of food served at a funeral. The beginning was a little freaky about the grandma’s death and what she did before she died. There seems to be a lot of culture tied with the different types of foods that they mentioned in here. When we think of Chinese food we don’t think about yellow fish with herbs we think of sir fried foods which was an interesting piece.
“Devil with a Red Apron,” was a fun piece to read. It’s so true what this author says, especially if you’re learning how to cook with older and experienced people. My mom was the same way. My mom never uses measuring cups or spoons. Eyeballing was the best technique for people who couldn’t speak English or read though it always tasted good.

Posted by leex2313 at June 15, 2005 9:08 AM