June 16, 2005

"Fresh Farm Find" & "Fresh off the Farm"

I find ďFarm Fresh FindĒ and ďFresh off he FarmĒ were quite similar and interesting. Both of these stories made me really realize what kind of meats and produce Iím really consuming. They explore the differences between family own farms (produce & meats) and store bought items. Iíll probably think twice about going to a typical grocery store now. Itís true that meats taste better when the farmer gives the proper treatment and attention to the animal as well as produce.
Whatís also interesting was the community-supported agriculture (CSA). I have never heard of this organization before. Its produce is probably better than the ones at Cub or Rainbow foods. This program would probably make local grocery stores out of businesses. I just donít like that fact that CSA farmers only grow certain crops at certain times of the year. Thatís probably why many choose the grocery stores.
ďFarm Fresh Find,Ē was an intriguing piece because the lady is from Minnesota as well. I grasp and understood almost all the points and places she was talking about like Nicollet Island Inn and Samís club. Thatís what makes the reader more focus and interested if the reader knows what exactly the writerís writing about.

Posted by leex2313 at June 16, 2005 8:14 AM