June 20, 2005

"Getting the Goods" & Jeremy lggers

I thought both the reviews from Jeremy lggers were a bit tempting for me. I’m definitely going to check these restaurants out. His descriptions about Jakeeno’s Pizza were really silly yet interesting to read. Also I thought that Gizmo three wheeler and that snappy jumpsuit with matching capes were really humorous. The restaurant really stands out because of that. The Longfellow grill seems to be an adorable yet distinctive place to dine in. I like the fact that he compares Longfellow with Chili’s and Applebee’s because it really gives me an idea of how Longfellow’s atmosphere is really like.
I thought “Getting the Goods,” was an acceptable piece. It’s somewhat similar to “Fresh off the Farm” and “Farm Fresh Find” just because both of these issues focused on finding fresh produce and meats. It was an easy reading because some of the places that were mentioned in this section were from around the Twins cities like the Minnesota farmers market.

Posted by leex2313 at June 20, 2005 9:47 AM