June 21, 2005

"World Hunger"

Itís really sad to see what all the causes of hunger really are. Some of these are preventable like war, government and the inflation of foods. The 12 myths really gave me an understanding of what people really think about hunger. Mother Nature, when at its greatest, can wipe out everything and this is out of human hands.
What was interesting was the fact that we have enough food in this world to feed everyone at least about 3000 calories per person each day. Thatís about more than recommended for a person per day. Nevertheless, many people who are seriously ill and cannot eat are also considered as part of world hunger just because they lack the malnutrition and are underweight.
Lastly, I think we canít stop hunger no matter what we do. Itís just too complex and too many other unstoppable occurrences.

Posted by leex2313 at June 21, 2005 8:59 AM