June 22, 2005


ďCandyfreak,Ē was a really interesting piece. I have never tasted a five star chocolate before. The closest was the Ferrero Rocher, which could be found in any grocery store in America. After reading this, the rocher is nothing close to being a five star chocolate. German or European chocolate seems to be the most exquisite chocolate other than Cubans. The authorís a more complex writer I mean the heck is a feuilletine? He did explain it but still I didnít understand anything. He seems to be writing to an audience that would know more about five star chocolate. He has a good sense of humor along with a little hidden childhood. He wanted to stay at the chocolate factory forever. Now, Iíll probably have to say that Iím not that much of a chocolate freak compared to this author.

Posted by leex2313 at June 22, 2005 9:07 AM