June 29, 2005

"Great Apes as Food"

This article really fascinates me. I never thought Apes would ever be considered food in any case. Although, before I read this article I thought it was going to be all about apes being cooked in different ways along with how they hunt them down. I didnít really expect the article to tell me that I was about 98.7 percent identical to apes. This is somewhat scary and very intriguing. I have a better understanding of where a lot of the diseases found in apes and monkeys come from now.

I thought the sample paper about the Blood pressure was quite interesting as well. I learned a lot more about the Atkins diet which will benefit me with my research paper. I also thought that she couldíve found some outside sources besides her family members. Overall the paper was fairly well written.

Posted by leex2313 at June 29, 2005 8:53 AM