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Children's Hospital Training

Even though I hadn't yet turned in my application, I decided I would be a good idea to attend the orientation training session at the Children's Hospital. A major deciding factor my reasoning was the fact that they only held these training sessions once a month... and there are really only 2 and a half months left in the semester, I really didnt have another month to waste. Quite an adventure. I was lucky enough to get a ride to the event (thanks Shannon). We were only two minutes late, and they had cheese and crackers!!! I grabbed a packet and a chair, introduced Jenna to the group (gotta love icebreakers), and was ready to roll. I was wearing a cute outfit- dont remember which one though- kinda random. We were given the rough agenda for the evening. After introductions, we were given a brief description of what our tasks would be, then hear from a panel of current volunteers- one of them, I cant remember her name, was awesome. She was an older woman that had volunteered for the Hospital for a couple of decades, she had tons of great stories, weaves rugs out of scraps in her spare time, and currently volunteers in the surgery waiting rooms with the famiilies of patients. She was, for lack of a better word, awesome. Then the group went around and asked the volunteers. Then it was time for a break (we'd been at it for over an hour by now) I grabbed a Diet Cherry Coke, and wandered one of the hospital corridors for a few minutes. THen it was time for rules and procedures and whatnot. Not exactly the highlight of the evening, but necessary. Then we filled out some paperwork, which I proceeded to take home with me, instead of turning it in (whoops)! We said our goodbyes, jumped in the car, and headed back to the dorms. Hey- we got free food