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May 4, 2007

Sibling Play Area

This week at Chilldren's I was supposed to work with Kim as usual, but she was out sick. So the Volunteer Services center sent me to the 2nd floor Sibling Play area. I walked in, and there was only one child in there. He was 2 or 3, and really liked bubbles. I introduced myself to Mollie, the staff worker, and she said that usually there were 14 or more children this time of the day, but today was just unusually slow. So I blew bubbles for about ten minutes, and then his parents came and got him. I asked Mollie if there was anything I could do, and she said that I could sanitze toys. I'm a pro a this, so I grabbed my spray bottle and wipes, and started cleaning. After I had sanitized the entire play room, I sat down and started to color. About half an hour later, another volunteer came in, looking for something to do. There was nothing, apparently the entire hospital was very slow today, and there weren't a lot of children that needed volunteers. I really wanted to do something, and I realized that the bulletin board outside the play area still had St.Patrick's Day stuff on it. I asked Mollie if it would be ok if we re-did the board. She had no objection, so we got out the boarders and construtcion paper and got to work. An hour later, the board was fabulous, and it was time for me to leave.

Another afternoon at Children's

Last week at Children's was somewhat disappointing to me. I didnt actually feel like I helped anyone at all. The fish in the fourth and fifth floor aquariums were very sick, and the tank cleaners had to make an extra trip in to take all the fish back to thier shop and compleltey disinfect the tanks to kill whatever disease was affecting the fish. My task for the afternoon: help them. I had some wicked blue plastic gloves, and a long-handled "grabber". My job was to pull all the decorations out of the tank, and place them in a bucket of cleaning solution. After that, i helped the guys haul around equipment, pump the water out of the tanks, and scrub down everything. I'm sure I was helping in some sort of way....but I really was hoping to get some patient interaction. Maybe next week.