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Galveston Reopen After Hurricane Ike

In USA Today report, evacuated Galveston residents will be allowed to return to their home more than a week after Hurricane Ike.

Repair crews arrived to Galveston on Saturday and works to rebuild the island will be started.

About 45,000 people left the island before Hurricane Ike tore Galveston up while it was on its way through Houston. By Wednesday, most of the 45,000 will be allowed to return.

Police will “enforce a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew once the island reopens.? Island leaders also said that Galveston remained dangerous.

According to the officials, restoration of basic services all areas will take weeks or more.

Officials started preparing for returnees. Planes continued spraying to control mosquitoes “and officials urged returnees to wear masks.? Most traffic lights were blown away during the storm, so hundreds of stop signs were installed to replace traffic lights.

Judy Aronson returned to Galveston. “Things aren't as bad as the picture painted by officials,? she said.

In The New York Times report, it talked about the restoration of Galveston and its economy.

According to the president of the Galveston Economic Development Partnership, Jeff Sjostrom, the hurricane made the island a mess and some destruction, “but 80 percent of our structures are still standing.?

The white-sand beach-the primary natural attraction of Galveston- was relatively not damaged by the storm, chief of the Galveston Beach Patrol Peter Davis said.

Steve LeBlanc, the city manager, said that the storm “would have a significant effect on tourism.?

“I think that it’s an opportunity for change and a challenge at the same time,? Mr. LeBlanc said. “I think Galveston is going to be a different Galveston.

Most residents felt uncertain about themselves and Galveston’s future.

“I just don’t know what’s going to happen now — with me, with Galveston, with anything. I mean, I have insurance, but I really don’t know,? said Luigi Ferre, owner of Luigi’s Seafood Restaurant.