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Seven Years After 9/11

USA Today covered a story of the 9/11 tribute of the Pentagon Memorial and a speech of President George W. Bush on Thursday.

The story started with a narrative leads. A six-year-old girl Allie went to the tribute with her adopted father Navy Capt. Paul DeSimone. Allie’s father, Navy Cmdr. Patrick Dunn, died in the Pentagon along with other 183 people while American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.

The story started emotional and had a quote from DeSimone.

"It's breathtaking," Dunn DeSimone said. "This is exactly what we hoped it would be — simple and respectful."

President Bush went to the Pentagon after he observed “a moment of silence at the White House at 8:46 a.m. ET.? He gave a seven-minute speech.

"Seven years ago at this hour, a doomed airliner plunged from the sky, split the rock and steel of this building and changed our world forever," Bush said.

He said thanks to troops fighting abroad, "and all those who work to keep us safe, there has not been another attack on our soil in 2,557 days," Bush said.

In The New York Times, the story started with the summary lead of President Bush and mentioned the number: 2,557 at the beginning.

The story reported that President Bush’s terms had been defined by 9/11 terrorist attack and the two wars. This was “his last Sept. 11 as president.? So, Thursday was a poignant day for him.