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Protests in California Against Banning Same-Sex Marriage

The USA Today article was from Los Angeles about thousands of people in the L.A. area Thursday protested banning same-sex marriage in California. The protestors gathered outside of a Mormon temple. They blame leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for encouraging Mormons to funnel millions of dollars into television ads and mailings in favor of Proposition 8. The ballot measure passed Tuesday defined marriage as a heterosexual act, which banned the right for same-sex couples to wed. The temple protest was organized by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. Also, proponents of same-sex marriage filed three court challenges Wednesday against the ban.

The New York Times article was from San Francisco. Thousands of people marched began near the San Francisco city hall and went down to the city’s main artery, Market Street. Then they moved to the bastion of San Francisco’s gay men and women, Castro district. Some people marched with holding signs reading “We Shall Overcome.? Several people were arrested on the Thursday night protest in L.A. California State Supreme Court had legalized same-sex marriage since May.