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Wal-Mart Worker Died for Black Friday Shopping

The USAToday article said that a Wal-Mart worker died Friday because of out-of-control shoppers for post-Thanksgiving bargains that knocked him into the ground and stepped over him. The article did not refer the name of the victim, but indicated he was 34-year-old. He was hired as a temporary agency and was doing maintenance work at the store in Valley Stream on Long Island. The police said that about 2000 people gathered in front of the store and waited for the store to open on Friday morning. Nassau police spokesman Lt. Michael Fleming said the group of people were out of out of control and described the scene as "utter chaos." Police said criminal charges were possible in the case, but it was hard to identify individuals.

The New York Times article was written like a chronicle. Used descriptions to set up the scene at Wal-Mart. The name of the worker was Jdimytai Damour, known as Jimmy. Besides Damour, four people were taken to hospital as well, including one pregnant woman. Lt. Michael Fleming said the incident ‚ÄúCertainly it was a foreseeable act.‚Ä? Kimberly Cribbs of Queens, shopper and witness, said that the crowd was like savages and they ignored the order that telling them to leave the store after the death of Damour. Wal-Mart spokesman, Dan Folgleman, called the case a ‚Äútragic situation.‚Ä? He said ‚ÄúThe safety and security of our customers and associates is our top priority. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families at this tragic time.‚Ä?