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Military Jet Crashed in San Diego

The New York Times article said that a military jet crashed into a residential house Monday at a suburb, University City, San Diego. The crash of the plane, F/A-18D, caused an intense fire and killed people in one house. One person was missing. According to the spokesman at Miramar Station, Staff Sgt. Leonard Langston, the plane was preparing to land at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar about two miles away. Witnesses said there were two booms, and they saw the he plane corkscrewed to the ground and trailing a plume of black smoke. The pilot parachuted and landed n a local high school playing field.

In the USAToday article, a congressional aide said Tuesday that two engines of the military jet both failed before it crashed in to the house. The plane killed four members of a Korean family. Amy Hegy, a spokeswoman for the American Red Cross, San Diego, said that the father of the family was calm after he returned to his home. The family moved to the neighborhood three months ago. No official initial finding of the cause of the crash was given. The pilot suspended by his parachute in a tree and had been treated at a hospital.