December 7, 2008


This is a website dedicated to the Jam Band Wookiefoot. For the past three months I have been studying Jam Bands and more specifically the Minneapolis band Wookiefoot. I started studying them in September after seeing them live at the Cabooze. This website goes through my experience at the Wookiefoot concert, the history of Jam Bands, and an analysis of a song of theirs. Enjoy!


Jam Bands: A History

The Grateful Dead

This goes into detail about the history of Jam Bands. By definition a Jam Band is a band that incorporates many genres of music such as rock, folk, blues, jazz, and most importantly improvisation. The Grateful Dead were the pioneers of Jam Bands. For nearly 30 years the Dead conquered by jamming throughout the United States followed closely by their fans, the Dead Heads. By the 1990's, the Grateful Dead had stopped touring and their fan base had largely turned to a band called Phish. Phish toured for nearly 20 years, until retiring in 2004. Now, there are numerous Jam Bands all with their own unique style.


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My Experience

This is an account of my first-hand experience at a Wookiefoot concert. Wookiefoot is a Jam Band from Minneapolis. Their music is a mixture of reggae, psychedelic, rock, folk, blues, and improvisation. In September I saw them perform at a small concert venue in Minneapolis, Minnesota called the Cabooze. The size of the venue made for an intimate setting between the band and the crowd. The band was only a few yards in front of me playing on a three foot high stage.


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Musical Analysis

To further my investigation on the band, I analyzed the song Activate by Wookiefoot. This song combines elements of rock, folk, blues, and musical improvisation, which are all main components of a Jam Band.


Activate Live

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