Press release analysis: second avenue north converted to two-way

The city of Minneapolis's press release about the Second Avenue conversion to a two-way street and the Star Tribune's coverage of the news Thursday are very different in length.

The press release tells the story in 213 words and 9 long sentences. The article covers the story in 70 words and five shorter sentences.

The Star Tribune's article compresses the information the press release gives and cuts 143 words.

The article omits the press release's extra details that are related to the larger project and leaves a brief description of the purpose: "The two-way conversion is part of an effort to help drivers get into and around downtown, city officials say."

The newspaper article is much simpler to read than the press release. Both include a website where readers can go to get further information on the topic.


Joua: Keep working on this. I'll give you more time.

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