Palin's book is "Going Rogue" on facts

WASHINGTON -- Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, represents herself in her new book, "Going Rogue," as a frugal politician and a reformer who avoids conflict-of-interest donations -- representations that may be false, the Associated Press said.

Palin said that she emphasized frugality when traveling for state business on tax-payers' dime, but she spent more than $20,000 on her children's travel expenses, the Associated Press said. For a five-hour conference in October 2007, she spent five days and four nights at the Essex House, a luxury hotel that costs $707.29 per night, the Associate Press said.

Palin said that her campaign for governor was funded by small donations and not big donors in order to avoid a conflict of interest, but more than $650,000 came from political action committees and $76,000 from Republican Party committees, the Associated Press said.

The book has reignited issues with John McCain's campain team which denies that her accusations of being billed $50,000 for her vice presidencial running spot to be true, the Washington Post said.

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